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 Are experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture? There are new capsular contracture treatment options available to you!

Watch an in-depth video covering frequently asked questions about these treatments, below:

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Non-Surgical Capsular Contracture Treatment Options

Your options for addressing capsular contracture are primarily dependent on the stage of condition when you to seek treatment. 

If capsular contracture is detected in an early stage, there are non-surgical treamment options. These boast an impressing 90% success rate in terms of eliminating capsular contracture. 

The video above features a heartfelt patient testimonial on this kind of treatment and its results. 

The cost for these non-surgical treatment options range between $2,000 and $4,000. That means more affordable and less invasive alternatives to surgical treatment.

Surgical Capsular Contracture Treatment Options

More advanced capsular contracture, labeled as “Stage 4,” typically necessitates a more intricate revision surgery.

In this process, the problematic implant is removed and replaced with a new one to rectify the complication and restore aesthetic balance, ensuring the individual’s safety and satisfaction with their surgical outcome.

This procedure is vital for mitigating pain and preventing further complications associated with advanced capsular contracture.

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Dr. William Rahal is a board-certified and award-winning plastic surgeon working in Beverly Hills, California. He specializes in breast and body surgery. Dr. Rahal also made the RealSelf top 100 doctors for his commitment to patient education and the reviews left by his patients, mostly for breast procedures.

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