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How Capsular Contracture is Prevented

Here’s the hard data from a ten-year study.

Capsular contracture happens at a rate of 2% a year. This risk cannot be completely avoided. That said, studies show there are many techniques to reduce the chances of a capsule forming. During surgery, Dr. Rahal does four things that lower the chances of bacterial contamination.

Prevention of Capsular Contracture During Surgery

  1. Making the incision at the areola increases risk of contamination. Dr. Rahal does the incision through the breast crease. There is another benefit of skillfully making the incision exactly at the crease: there is no visible scar, even when nude!

  2. Placing the implant under the muscle has become the standard of care as more data has come in. This is for reducing risks of capsular contraction and for the most natural results.

  3. Once a pocket is made under the muscle, it is “washed” by an antibiotic irrigation.

  4. Finally, Dr. Rahal practices the “no touch technique”. In this technique, the surgeon never touches the implant. Dr. Rahal uses what’s called “Keller Funnel” to insert the implant. This also reduces the risk.

Remember that the risk of a capsule forming cannot be eliminated 100%. Any doctor stating this is not being honest or ethical. Fortunately, even if a capsule develops, there are now affordable non-invasive options that are a great alternative to revision surgery.

After Surgery Prevention

Ultrasound therapy for prevention is an option as well. It is not necessary but suggested for patients who have higher risks of developing a capsule due to their family history or because they are a smoker.

This option is also for patients who want an extra sense of comfort.

Preventative treatment would start 2 weeks after surgery.

Massage. If you do not massage your breasts, you do not increase your chances of developing a capsule. This has been shown with clinical studies.

That said, Dr. Rahal does recommend massaging. Doing so helps with swelling and patients getting used to the feeling of the implant.

Prevention If You Already Have Had Capsular Contracture

If you need a revision surgery, please read this carefully!

Some patients have an unpleasant experience with revision surgery for capsular contracture. They experience capsular contracture several times, leading to distress and many revision surgeries.

These are patients for whom the breast augmentation result is very important to them so they want to keep the results.

Any patient would want to avoid going through more than one revision surgery. There is a way to reduce the chances of this happening.

In a breast revision, ask your doctor about a material known as Strattice. Dr. Rahal is a big proponent of Strattice, and believes it should be the standard of care for all remove and replace surgeries.

Strattice will greatly reduce the chances of having capsular contracture again. It lowers the risk of infection, lowers inflammation, and promotes tissue regeneration. Read more about Strattice here.

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