A Patient’s Guide To Breast Implant
Pricing In Los Angeles, California

For breast implants/augmentation, prices in Los Angeles range from $4,300 - $10,000 with the average being $7,100.

Even for the same doctor, the price will be different depending on the choice of implant. Prices for my services can be found here.

You can do research on these different types of implants on your own, but which is best for you is something you will only be able to figure out with a doctor during a consultation. There are just too many factors, and, you need to combine a doctor’s expertise with your specific goals. So just be aware that for the same doctor, there could be a variable range of around $3000.

The $4,300 - $10,000 range for LA is pretty wide. So how do you explain the differences? And how do you choose at what price point you will go with a certain choice?

Four Things That Affect A Given
Doctor’s Price

1. Geography makes a big difference. Beverly Hills prices will generally be higher than other parts of LA.

2. The demand for a given doctor also influences how much they charge. You see this with celebrity surgeons who are in very high demand. Their prices keep going up.

3. Years of experience and Board Certification may also influence prices.

4. There is also a preference in how a plastic surgeon wants to run their practice. Some prefer to do more volume at a lower price, and others to have less volume at a higher price.

How Do You Choose Your Price

Patients make their decision in four different ways.

1. The best doctor that I can afford

2. The lowest price that is still a safe/credible doctor to go with

3. I want the most expensive doctor out there, because that means they’re one of the best

4. I like this doctor most, let me see if I can afford his/her prices

The way a patient makes one of these decisions is really just a personal preference.

In option 4, “I like this doctor most, let me see if I can afford it,” price is not the main issue but a secondary thing. This is the option I recommend going with. The reason is that you should consult with a few doctors and see which one you are comfortable with. Too many factors influence price that have nothing to do with the patient-doctor relationship or even with results.

And now, with the existence of financing for cosmetic procedures, this also helps patients go with a certain surgeon that may be outside of their initial budget. Thanks to financing, most fees are accessible to patients, giving them more power to choose their doctor.

“If Prices Don’t Tell Me What Doctor
To Go With, What Good Are They?”

Again, you have a range of $4,300 - $10,000 across LA. And with whatever doctor you choose, there will also be a variable range of $3000, plus or minus $500, depending on the implant that’s best for you.

These prices should give you a sense of the investment you need to make. Knowing them will help you plan and budget, and see if you need to use financing.

In choosing a doctor, look for experience with the given procedure, reviews, before and after photos, and meet with them for a consultation. It’s the only way to really find out. Plus, it’s the best way to get the quality information that you are looking for to help you make that final decision. 

I hope this pricing guide was helpful. Good luck finding the right surgeon for you!