Q: Is Dr. Rahal Board Certified? +

Yes, Dr. Rahal is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Q: What is Dr. Rahal's experience and credentialing? +

Dr. Rahal is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He has 4 years of General Surgery residency, 3 years of Plastic Surgery residency, and has been operating in Beverly Hills for  3 years.

Dr. Rahal has performed hundreds of cosmetic breast procedures, like augmentations, lifts, and revisions. It’s his specialty. He averages 4-6 breast augmentations per week. He also has experience with Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpting, getting patients amazing results.

Other Beverly Hills doctors have described his work as “flawless” and have referred patients to him over other surgeons with 10 years more experience.






Q: Did Dr. Rahal discover The Pony Implant℠? +

The medical community shares all of its discoveries that lead to better patient treatment and results. Dr. Rahal uses existing methods and tools to get patients the results that he calls “The Pony Implant”. Not every plastic surgeon uses these methods and tools in their practice.

There are hundreds of breast implant options. And many will look natural and beautiful on your body. These endless options can make breast implant selection confusing and overwhelming.

And there is only one perfect implant for your personal beauty goals, The Pony Implant. It’s the ideal implant, the one where you walk out of the consultation confident that you made the right choice of shape and size.

The Pony Implant is the choice that will leave you thrilled with your results and have you saying, “This is exactly what I wanted!” Removing this uncertainty of whether you chose the right implant makes the entire breast augmentation experience so much more positive. It avoids nightmare situations where you are anxious about your decision or end up regretting the size and shape that you chose when it’s already too late. (In spite of our best efforts, there will be always be patients who are unsatisfied but it is the vast minority.)

Dr. Rahal believes that a patient should feel happy with their results coming out of surgery, from day one onward.

What makes Dr. Rahal and The Pony Implant unique is his focus on complete patient satisfaction with the implant of their choice. The Pony Implant captures this idea and helps patients understand that there truly is a perfect implant option that is going to leave them worry-free and thrilled with their results. Do not settle for anything less than your Pony Implant.

Q: Does he do procedures other than breasts? +

A: Yes, he is a trained plastic surgeon, doing everything from reconstructive surgery to cosmetic. On a professional level, he has chosen to focus on breast surgery, but he performs other procedures as well. These include liposuction and tummy tucks. “Mommy Makeovers” usually involve one of these two and a breast aug and lift.

Q: In what hospitals does Dr. Rahal currently hold privileges? +

Dr. Rahal holds hospital privileges at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Q: Has Dr. Rahal received any awards? +

He has received awards from Montefiore Medical Center in recognition of his research accomplishments in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. His research has resulted in several publications within the plastic surgery literature.

Dr. Rahal graduated in the very top of his medical school class. He was selected for the prestigious medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA). This award is only given to the top 10% of medical students in the United States.

During his training he was accepted into the Resident Leadership Program by Operation Smile, a charitable organization dedicated to reconstructing children born with cleft lips and palates. Operation Smile awarded Dr. Rahal the Stryker fellowship to “heal smiles worldwide.”