Introducing The Pony Implant®: The One Breast Implant Shape and Size That Patients Won’t Regret

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There are hundreds of breast implant possibilities to choose from. But only one shape and size is perfect for your personal beauty goals. That one perfect implant is your Pony Implant. Dr. Rahal will help you discover and choose your Pony Implant.

“I don't want to be too big, but I also don't want to wish I had gone bigger.” The most common worry among women interested in breast augmentation is regretting their implant size. And it’s a very valid concern. The number one reason for unhappy patients is not a bad surgery, rather, it is getting the wrong implant type.

Here's my promise to you . . . There's a simple process to help you select the right implant for your beauty goals and body. This process guarantees the size and shape you want while maintaining a natural look.

Round vs. teardrop? Silicone vs. Saline? Moderate or High Profile? Over or under the muscle? How many cc’s? These endless options can make breast implant selection confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, there is now a way to select an implant that you feel 100% confident about.

Many different implant shapes and sizes will look natural and beautiful on your body. But there is only one perfect implant for your personal beauty goals. I call that one perfect implant “The Pony Implant”. It’s the one where you walk out of a consultation confident that you made the right choice of shape and size.

The Pony Implant is the choice that will leave you thrilled with your results from day one and have you saying, “They’re flawless. This is exactly what I wanted!”

Removing this uncertainty of whether you opted for the right implant makes the entire breast augmentation experience so much more positive. It avoids nightmare situations where you are anxious about your decision or end up regretting the size and shape that you chose when it’s already too late.

Watch this video to see Ebony discover her Pony Implant

How Your Pony Implant Is Discovered

Ok. So how do we find your Pony Implant? This is the simple, yet powerful process that I use. It takes about one hour, and I do it during my consultations.

There are four steps to the process: 1) listening to your personal beauty goals 2) educating you on your options 3) taking your body’s measurements and 4) seeing an accurate simulation of what the implant will look like on your body with 3D imaging software.

STEP 1: Tell Me Your Beauty Goals

What is your goal? What look would you like to achieve?

Your answer to this question will guide us in determining the implant shape and size that appeals to you. Whatever it is my patients say, I know I can deliver exactly what they want by following this process.

Patients typically fall under three categories: 1) you want a minimal increase in size 2) you have a cup-size increase goal in mind while maintaining a "natural and proportionate" look or 3) you want to go "as full as possible while staying natural". And most patients also express a concern that, “I don’t want to look fake/top heavy/Playboy.”

In this step, we also encounter the biggest pitfall. A patient stresses, “I want to be natural and proportionate.” The surgeon chooses an implant matching the description, and then after surgery, the patient says, “I wish I was bigger. I’m so unhappy.” Step 4 covers how to prevent this miscommunication from happening.

Check out Dr. Rahal's before-and-after gallery

STEP 2: Learn About Your Options

During a consultation, I take out five breast implants and put them on a table. Before your eyes are low profile, moderate profile, high profile, extra high profile, anatomic (aka teardrop, or gummy bear), and saline implants.

Take a moment to examine each shape and size. Notice that the difference between some of the implants is subtle.

I’ll take some time to explain each implant and what different beauty goals it meets. Then we’ll choose the one that fits most with what you are looking for. For example, women seeking a modest increase in size who stress natural and proportionate may lean towards teardrop, if they like the shape. Those who want a fuller look will be more attracted to the round implants.

STEP 3: Take Your Measurements

I will also measure what’s called your base width diameter and see how much your breasts’ skin can be stretched. These two measurements tell us what room we have to work with. As long as the breast implant is kept within these measurements, you will have a beautiful, natural look, even if you go as full as possible.

The “fake,” “top heavy,” or “Playboy” look happens when the patient wants an implant that is bigger than her measurements. If it does not fit her body, it will look unnatural. So as long as you stay within your measurements, you do not have to worry about looking fake.

STEP 4: See How The Implant Looks On Your Body

Have you ever had a $41,000 picture taken of you?

When I opened my private practice, the first thing I did was invest in a $41,000 device called the Vectra 3D. It is a must-have tool for getting patients their ideal results, aka, their Pony Implant.

The Vectra takes a 3D photograph of your torso and breasts. Then, the 3D photo appears on a computer screen. On the screen, we can create accurate simulations of what your breasts will look like with different implant shapes and sizes. This will give you a realistic image of what your results will look like after breast augmentation surgery, and help you accurately communicate your goals with your doctor.

You can experiment with the different implant options until you find the one you are happy with. You need to SEE what your implant will look like, on your unique body, to confidently say, “That’s the one I want!”

That’s the beauty of the Vectra and why it is critical for any cosmetic practice. Having that visual takes out so much guesswork, especially about breast implant shapes and volume (cc’s). It is so important for giving patients results they are happy with. After the procedure, your breasts look very much like the way you saw them modeled, usually better.

Remember the example of the patient who said she wanted to look natural and proportionate but then, after surgery, regretted not getting bigger implants? The problem is, words can only take us so far. Very often, what a patient thinks, says, and truly wants are all different.

Imagine buying a pair of dress shoes without seeing what they look like on you, without seeing how they match with an outfit that you had in mind. You’d definitely make use of a mirror! So why would we use less visual tools in something as important and life changing as breast implants?!

You now have tools available for you to make more effective choices in what implant is right for you. Be sure to use them.

Avoid Nightmare Situations

What happens when breast augmentation candidates do not follow this 4 step process? Unfortunately, it can result in some real horror stories.

These are quotes from patients, courtesy of

“So depressed right now. I don't know what to do with myself. I was so excited about getting a BA, but now I'm just so sad. Can't stop thinking about how unhappy I am about the size. They are so big. I hate them. Don't know what I should do.”

A user posted a picture of her breasts and wrote, “Still depressed, but coping . . . Just been really sad and regretting my decision to get a Breast Augmentation. I know I picked the wrong size, should probably got no more than 170cc.”

Another user replied to this depressed patient, telling her that her breasts looked great. Yes, they look great. Problem is, the result is not what the patient wanted. Even if 200 plastic surgeons agreed that the result is beautiful, and the surgery was done perfectly, you will get very unhappy patients if the result does not match the patient's goals.

What’s really worrisome is that a plastic surgeon responded to this depressed patient, saying, “It is very normal in the first few weeks post-augmentation to second guess your size decision.” I believe this is an out-of-date way of thinking about breast augmentation. Sure, people may have alternating feelings about this big life decision, but regret should NEVER be a part of it.

Regret is only normal insofar as it happens a lot, because not every surgeon follows the process to discover a patient’s Pony Implant. But this sort of unhappiness is completely preventable. One day, this will not be considered normal.

A patient needs to be educated the right way, they need to have all the right expectations set up front. When this is done right, you should be happy about your breast augmentation and implant choice, from beginning to end. It’s what I expect from all my patients: that they walk into surgery calm and confident; that they are happy with their results from day one, and stay happy.

How To Get The Results You Want

When you select the right implant for you, you will be thrilled with your results. See for yourself . . . Look at what my patients had to say about their own Pony Implant. Notice how their confidence in choosing the right implant turned into complete satisfaction with the results.

“I truly couldn't be happier, Dr. Rahal was able to give me the exact outcome that I was hoping for.” - S. A.

“Dr. Rahal’s way literally shows your body with the exact size and shape implant so that you can easily decide what you would like . . . I couldn't be happier” - Christina

Look at that, this process had turned choosing an implant into an “easy” decision!

“He thoroughly educated me about my procedure during my consultation which was so helpful. He put all of my worries at ease and made me feel extremely confident with my decision . . . My results are absolutely flawless.” - Michelle

“Dr. Rahal has made me feel extremely comfortable and very confident with the decision I made. I could not be happier with the results . . . I was a 36B and I now have a full 36D. They look natural and are perfectly proportionate to my body.” - Jocelyn

You think they’d be calling their results flawless if it were only surgical expertise? Of course not, it has to be the result they wanted.

“I got my breast augmentation done with him a month ago and I love the results! Exactly what I wanted they look natural and great!” - Alondra

I’ll leave you with Joy. She summarizes the consultation and process we used to discover her Pony Implant.

Dr. Rahal is the best! He made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in the door. He spent over an hour during my consultation and showed me [simulated] before and after photos, which was amazing. He listened and understood exactly what I wanted, and went through the different types of implant choices and explained each one thoroughly. Afterward, I was so confident he would do a great job that I booked my appointment the same day and two days later had my procedure. His staff provided detailed instructions to help me prep and were very attentive during my surgery. Because of their assurances, I didn't feel uneasy or nervous at all. After my surgery, his staff member Maria checked on me every day to make sure I was fully recovering. I love the results. I wish I had met Dr. Rahal 10 years ago!

"I wish I had done this years ago!" I get that so often. And I'm sure other surgeons do, too. The reason for this wish is simple: patients love the way they look and feel with their breast augmentation, and wish that they had experienced this awesome boost in self-esteem sooner in their lives.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Anything Less Than Your Pony Implant

So what have we learned today?

I hope you have learned that there truly is such a thing as the Pony Implant, that is, a perfect implant option that is going to leave you worry-free and thrilled with your results. Remember the reason you are getting a breast augmentation. You want to feel more confident, feminine, and beautiful. It’s a big investment. Do not settle for anything less than your ideal Pony Implant.

Make sure your plastic surgeon has the right method and tools for figuring out exactly what you want.

You need enough time in a consultation to go through the four steps I talked about. Again, that’s why my consultations are one hour long. The consultation is just as important as the surgery when it comes to getting patients results they are happy with.

My consultations are complimentary. Breast augmentation fees are: $5500 for saline, $7000 for silicone and $8500 for gummy bear. So when you are ready to discover what your Pony Implant is, feel free to contact my office.

Oh, and I have a special PONY IMPLANT OFFER: I guarantee you that we will choose the perfect implant shape and size for you. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your implant choice, you will get the surgeon’s fee of $2000 refunded. I have faith in my process and skills, and have hundreds of happy patients. So I do expect you, and all my future patients to say, “They’re flawless. This is exactly what I wanted!”

How the offer works: Before and after the procedure, and at your six-month follow up, we will check whether you feel 100% confident and happy in your breast implant selection. If the answer to this question is “yes”, I’m so thrilled that I delivered to you the results that were promised. If the answer is “no”, you get the surgeon’s fee refunded. It's that simple.

To schedule your consultation, contact my office at (310) 878-4451. Any questions, you can message my Page on Facebook.

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