​The most important question in determining the type of lift is what are the patient's goals. The purpose of an implant is to add volume to the breasts, and the purpose of a lift is raise the nipple areolar complex. Although the added volume from breast augmentation may give the illusion of lifting the breasts, it is not the purpose of an augmentation and such results cannot be promised.

Let's talk about the criteria for breast lifts now - the ideal position of the nipple should be above the level of the breast crease. If the nipple is at the level of the crease, slightly below the crease, or very much below it and pointing downwards, then the woman in question has sagging breasts.

Depending, amongst other things, on the degree of sagging, the surgical approach will be different for each patient. If you have slight sagging, a Benelli or donut lift should suffice. More significant sagging would require a lollipop lift or an anchor lift.