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Out of town patients



Dr. Rahal’s practice is very used to working with patients outside of the Los Angeles area. We will hold your hands through every step of the way, from consultation to recovery, just like we do with local patients. You can watch this video to learn more details of the entire process.


What is the consultation and pre-op process like?

You will schdule a virtual consultation with Dr. Rahal. If you decide to move forward with us you will have an in-person meeting at the office the day before surgery to “cover the plan” and do the 3D imaging of your body and desired result. If you plan on visiting LA, you can also schedule an in-office consultation.

What does post-operative care look like?

Again, we suggest staying a week in Los Angeles for your one week follow-up appointment. Throughout your entire healing process and beyond, direct access to our medical assistant will be avaliable to you just like for our local patients.

What are my aftercare options?

Here are your two aftercare options that we work with, Private Care and Serenity Aftercare. We can make the reservation, but you will pay the aftercare directly. They usually contact you a week before surgery to iron out final details and payment. Prices are very readily available on their website.

How long should I stay in aftercare?

You can stay as little as one night. If a patient is having a big surgery some want to stay for 2-3 days.

How long should I stay in Los Angeles?

Ideally one week, so you can visit the office for your one week post-operative appointment.

I am interested. What is the next step?

You can fill out the form below or call (424) 512-1904 to set up your virtual consultation appointment.


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