This procedure can give an hourglass figure to any woman of any starting body shape

360 Lipo is liposuction of at least 8 areas all around the body. The result is an hourglass figure from any starting point. 

Patients get a slimmer waist and proportional hips. As an option, the buttocks can also be given volume and shape. 


360 Lipo results in:

  • A tighter or flatter stomach
  • Abdominal muscles are more visible
  • Curvier buttocks
  • Reduced love handles
  • Eliminate undesirable fat deposits
  • Reduction of loose or excess skin with 360 skin tightening 

Petite or plus-sized… rectangle, column, apple or pear shaped… this body reshaping can be done on anyone. 

Areas liposuctioned include: Upper Back, Lower Back, Hip Roll, Mons Pubis, Mid Back, Love Handles, Stomach, and Presacral Triangle. 

Dr. William Rahal, Board Certified, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, is an innovator and specialist in 360 Lipo. As an add on, this procedure can also include 360 skin tightening with modern technologies. Dr. Rahal always does 360 Lipo with Brazilian Butt Lifts because it leads to the most beautiful results. 

FAQ About 360 Lipo

How long is the recovery? Three days of pain medications. One week off work. One month until complete recovery.

Is there an age limit for this procedure? There is not. Dr. Rahal has performed this procedure on patients from 18 to over 60 years old. Dr. Rahal's oldest BBL/360 patient was 68 years old at the time.

How long do the results last? Results are permanent. If 360 Lipo is done with a BBL, the buttocks keeps around 60% of the fat injected.

Has Dr. Rahal done this procedure on my body type or skin color? Absolutely, he has done this exact procedure on hundreds of patients of all body types, weights and skin colors.

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