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Dr. Rahal is one of Beverly Hills most prominent 360 Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons. He has been featured in many lifestyle and academic articles showcasing his excellent results, exploring his techniques and highlighting his ongoing commitment to extraordinary patient care.Take a look at some of the articles covering Dr. Rahal below.

Medium/Authority Magazine

” Dr. William Rahal: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became A Doctor”.

As part of Authority Magazine’s Healthcare Leaders series, Dr. William Rahal was interviewed as one of the ‘most in-demand and trusted plastic surgeons in Los Angeles’. Dr. Rahal shares lessons, stories, advice and personal experiences that he has had as a plastic surgeon as well as tips on creating a successful career within the field.

Thrive Global

“Surround Yourself With People You Admire”.

As part of Thrive Global’s Healthcare Leaders series, they conducted an interview with Dr. Rahal. Giving thanks to his perseverance, he shared his most pivotal career moments. From focusing on appreciating the process to surrounding himself with people he admires. Dr. Rahal reveals the “5 things he wishes someone told him before he started”.


“The New Rush on Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery Treatments Before The Comeback Of Face-To-Face Meetings”.

This article looks at the general impact of Covid 19 on the plastic surgery industry. Dr. Rahal adds to this discussion speaking on the effect this has had within the industry. From quarantines and working from home, to the newly adapted zoom office environment.

Dr. Rahal further explains his most popular procedures and industry trends he sees emerging in the near future.

The Manual

“Lockdown Isolation is Spurring Millennial Men to Go In For a Nip and Tuck”.

It is no secret that male cosmetic surgeries are more popular than ever, especially for millennial males. One of the procedures increasing in frequency to help male surgery patients achieve a more muscular technique, is the use of fat grafting to enhance muscle size. Dr. Rahal discusses the increase in the number of men wishing to undergo surgery to achieve a more muscular physique.


“The Pandemic Spike In Plastic Surgery, explained”.

Dr. Rahal explains the effect the pandemic has had on bookings for his “signature procedure of 360 Liposuction with Brazilian Butt Lift”. Sharing how his bookings have significantly increased, Dr. Rahal puts this down to patients finally deciding to put themselves at the forefront of their priorities. In addition to the pandemic making post-operation recovery time more convenient.

Plastic Surgery Practice

“Future Brides Plan Their Plastic Surgery Procedures Amid Post-Pandemic Rebound”.

With many patients using free time in the pandemic to finally make “self-care changes they have been thinking about for so long”, Dr. Rahal discusses the rise of future brides planning their plastic surgery procedures amid post-pandemic rebound. 

Dr. Rahal shares the unforeseen advantage that has followed the pandemic. With many weddings being postponed, this allowed patients the necessary post-procedure downtime, way in advance of their weddings.

The Blonde Files Podcast

“The Truth About Lipo, BBL + Other Body Procedures with Dr. William Rahal”.

Dr. Rahal discusses his most popular procedure of 360 Lipo and BBL with Arielle Lorre on The Blonde Files podcast. He shares the impact celebrities have within the plastic surgery industry and the reasons surrounding why many public figures choose not to disclose when they have undergone procedures.


“Everything You Need to Know About “Baby” Brazilian Butt Lifts, the New Plastic Surgery Trend Taking Over Behinds Everywhere”.

Speaking with InStyle, Dr. Rahal covers everything there is to know about the baby Brazilian butt lift. The sister procedure to BBL, he discusses how this new trend comes with little downtime and when performed by a highly trained surgeon, has low risk of side effects, giving natural results that can be achieved after only one procedure.

Thrive Global

Dr. Rahal: “Enjoy The Process”

Speaking with Thrive Global, Dr. Rahal defines what wellness means to him and why it should be considered a priority in all of our lives. From the character traits he believes have been instrumental to his success, to how challenges are his driving force to work harder.


“Your Comprehensive Guide To The Brazilian Butt Lift”.

Dr. Rahal shares how having more time to reflect during the pandemic has made the perfect opportunity for patients to “seek out procedures they have always wanted”. He gives his own comprehensive guide to the popular Brazilian butt lift on the online women’s magazine, Bustle.

American Society of Plastic Surgery

“Seven Most Popular Procedures Men Are Booking”.

The most recent popular procedures undertaken by males in 2020 stem from muscle enhancement all the way to chest contouring. Dr. Rahal shares his most recent popular male procedure of ab-sketching. Explaining how “delicate modifications like this go a long way.” With more than 1.1 million men undergoing cosmetic enhancements in 2020, the popularity of male procedures is on the rise.

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