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A message from DR. Rahal

I think the spiritual impact of Plastic Surgery is overlooked.

The focus is usually more on concrete things. I get questions such as, how much fat did you take out? What procedure did you do? Did you use J-plasma or Vaser?

The most obvious focus is on the patient’s results, the physical transformation. In terms of results, I’m asked about how small the waist became, how many cc’s of fat were transferred to the buttocks, and other similar questions.

But the physical is just the surface. The real power of Plastic Surgery is an inner shift in the patient. This is a shift in mood, a shift in confidence, a shift in how they feel about who they are as a person. It deepens the love they have for themselves. It allows them to spread more love and gratitude to everyone they connect with.

Yes, the internal change comes from a beautiful result. But the most important thing is that this type of change has a deep and powerful impact in how you experience the world.

As the patient’s doctor, I play a small part in this new experience. And being a part of it is what makes being the patient’s doctor so special to me.

My patients’ smiles tell the story of their spiritual transformation. Their photos represents different things to different people. To some, it is the result and how it was achieved. To me, what it represents the most is the new found joy in her life, the boost in their spirit.

With love and gratitude always.
Dr. Rahal

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