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Finding Confidence: Jennifer’s Emotional Story

For Dr. Rahal, the shift in a patient’s mood, a shift in confidence, a shift in how they feel about who they are as a person and how they experience the world.

That’s what makes Plastic Surgery and Dr. Rahal’s contribution to patients’ lives so special.

Dr. Rahal believes it’s not good enough to be a great Plastic Surgeon. It’s good enough to give his patients the best results. His patients deserve more.

Dr. Rahal views Plastic Surgery as surgery for the soul. Beauty is a means to an end for his patients, but the end is the confidence they live with every day.

Watch some of our real patient testimonials below to get a true, authentic insight into their experience with Dr. Rahal and our practice.

Michelle’s Path To Living Her Best Life

Like many patients, Michelle looked in the mirror and was ready to transform her body. With Dr. Rahal’s help, she created a vision of how she wanted to look and feel. Before she would hide from mirrors. Now, she’s excited to see herself, to wear clothes that fit and to step out of the house without anxiety.

Explaining The Process: Celena’s Spiritual Journey

Knowledge, trust, and compassion. These are three qualities patients associate with Dr. Rahal time and time again. They know exactly what will work and won’t work for them, each step of the process and how to get the best care and results they possibly can.

Meet Dr. Rahal’s Patients

In this video, you can learn more about Dr. Rahal’s journey, his philosophy on patient experience and meet some of his patients.

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