A letter from Dr. Rahal to you

Dear Current and Future Patients,

My job isn’t to perform cosmetic surgery.

At least that’s not how I see it.

I see my job as much simpler. But also more important.

When we try to find the ideal implant for you, we’re also bringing out your ideal self. I'm here to help you bring out your ideal self. And I’m not talking about ideal physical appearance . . .

I’m talking about confidence. And so much more.

This is how I see you and how I hope you see yourself too:

You are a confident woman.

You feel good about yourself.

You feel good about yourself for many reasons. Whether you hit the gym this morning, feel sexy in your clothes, are a good mom or just a friend who listens.

You earned what you have. You worked hard for it.

You appreciate compliments but you don’t need them to feel assured.

The opinions of others don’t get to you. You know inside-and-out that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

You’re beautiful. You are proud of your natural beauty and of your enhancements. You strut them with style.

Most of all, you love who you are. People see that. And they feel good about themselves just being around you.

You’re proud and confident.

Studies have been done on how cosmetic surgery affects people’s lives . . .

It turns out that cosmetic surgery improves how women feel in their social circle. They perform better at work. Their sexual and psychological well being improve.

So that’s how I have chosen to best serve you.

I look forward to meeting you. You sound like a really amazing person!


Dr. William Rahal

Introducing Vectra 3D Imaging

How it works

We take a 3D photograph of your body. Then a software called Breast Sculpture allows us to model your breast augmentation.

Before your augmentation, see what your results will look like thanks to Vectra 3D imaging and software

Why Dr. Rahal Uses Vectra

Experiment with different looks and sizes during your consult

See the post-op result from several points of view

Better communicate your desired look with your doctor

Be completely satisfied with your results, thanks to accurate expectations and communication

There are hundreds of possibilities for your breast augmentations. This software will help us choose the right implant for you. This is an essential tool and one of the reasons my patients come out thrilled with their results.

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